Photograph of Negi by Fatima Gueye Photograph of Negi by Fatima Gueye

Hi there, I'm Negi and I'm a front-end developer based in Toronto, Canada! I got my start in web-development in the 2000s, styling my Neopets' profile page and creating Sailor Moon fan pages in Geocities. I'm passionate about creating intuitive, responsive and accessible websites.

I have a Bachelor of Applied Computer Science from Dalhousie University and a Certificate of Web Development Immersive from Juno College of Technology. Currently working as a Software Engineer working on Firefox at Mozilla!

When I'm not coding by moonlight - I'm drawing, running, or playing N64 games (all at the same time!) ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Tools & Skills

H.T.M.L. 5
C.S.S. 3
Git Hub
V.S. Code


Draw My Pet

Vue Canvas Firebase JavaScript SweetAlert2

Refactored my vanilla JavaScript drawing application into Vue.

Features HTML5 Canvas for drawing and Firebase for persistent drawing storage.

Includes new features such as quick colors, pen size, alerts, and blank canvas error handling!

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Preview video of Draw My Pet vanilla JavaScript project

Furiend Finder V2

React Parcel.js Material-UI Reach Router

Refactored the original Furiend Finder into functional React components using Parcel.js and Reach Router.

Retrieving data from Petfinder API and rendering the results using Material-UI.

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Preview video of Draw My Pet vanilla JavaScript project

Feline Feeling

HTML5 CSS3(Sass) JavaScript JQuery

A quirky game where you have to find the cat's purfurred petting spot in under 30 seconds.

Features 6 randomized petting spots and over 9 different randomized cats (including my personal favorite - Garfield!)

Art assets made by yours truly and music is from Wario Land 3 and Kirby SuperStar.

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Preview video of JavaScript & JQuery game - Feeling Feline

Wishy Washy

HTML5 CSS3(Sass) JavaScript React Firebase

A wholesome wishing board! Users can anonymously input a wish and their wish bubble will appear in the Wishy Washy ocean.

Features wish support where users can heart other wishes, hearting wishes randomizes the wish bubbles except for the latest.

Alternative version, Bubbly Bubbles was made on March 22nd to spread some happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Preview video of React & Firebase project - Wishy Washy


HTML5 CSS3(Sass)

Multi-page fully responsive website with pixel perfect conversion from a PSD design.

Features semantic HTML elements, CSS Grid (I LOVE CSS Grid), Flexbox, HTML/CSS only hamburger menu, and accessibility best practices.

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Preview video of multi-page responsive project 2

Furiend Finder

HTML5 CSS3(Sass) API JQuery JavaScript

A pet adoption site purr programmed with the amazing Juan Acaiturri-Villa featuring 4 different APIs to find adoptable rescue dogs and cats within a user's location.

Users can filter pets by location and age through the PetFinder and MapQuest API and receive breed facts from the Cat and Dog API (yes, that's the API name!) Art assets made by yours truly.

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Preview of JavaScript & API pair programming project - Furiend Finder


Want to to ask me about my repository of dad jokes? Or maybe something on my website excites you (I hope it was my cat game). Or maybe you want to know a little bit more about me (I have a huge repository of dad jokes that I wouldn't mind sharing). If so, feel free to use this handy dandy contact form or you can reach me at hi@pocketegg.mozmail.com!